Fortune Frog

This isn’t your typical release in the Chinese genre, but that’s not to say it’s unheard of. A modern design that’s not easily found elsewhere is great news, as Fortune Frog appears to include ancient temples, jade frogs, and numerous other creatures. Fortune Frog, a game that appears to have been designed for the casual player, was released by RTG.

The game has 5×3 reels, but the rows are not aligned, making it appear as if it has a different layout at first. It’s a typical game with 20 active lines, so there isn’t much here to get excited about. The game’s maximum return is 2,500 times the bet, which is excellent for a low-volatility slot machine. If you’re lucky, your return to player percentage (RTP) will soar to an astounding 97.50 percent. To put it another way, this isn’t a game you can afford to ignore. Four different types of frog bombs explode when you land winning combinations in this slot’s symbols.

Gambling and Rewards

  1. The line bet has a value range of $0.10 to $5, and it will be your decision. The game automatically multiplies the value by 20, so each spin can bring in anywhere from $2 to $100.
  2. In a single spin, the slot machine can deliver up to 50,000 coins. Depending on the bets placed, that could result in a $250,000 jackpot (2,500x the stake).
  3. It appeals to me because of its low volatility, which means that the relatively high rewards come without a lot of risk. Additionally, the RTP of 97.50% is an unusually high percentage that is rarely seen in this type of game.

Fortune Frog Slot Features

The game has 20 fixed lines and 5×3 reels, allowing you to make standard three-or-more-symbol combinations. Each time a winning combination is formed, a cascading win will be triggered. A new wave of wins may occur if winning symbols are removed and new symbols are introduced into the game. Until new combinations are formed, the Cascading Wins can continue.

Frog Bombs will be on the other end of the feature list. These four icons can appear anywhere on the reels at any time. There is a countdown timer on them when they land, and they have one to three spins left before they blow. Cascading wins, not just paid spins, will reduce the timer’s remaining value.

When the bomb reaches zero, it detonates in a specific pattern and removes all symbols from the board. In their place, a single, completely unrelated symbol is introduced. Two symbols to the left and right will be removed by green bombs. The top and bottom positions are the same for blue bombs. The top, bottom, left, and right are all cleared when using pink bombs. Red Bombs will accomplish this by placing symbols in the corners of the bomb.

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