Progressive Slots

Progressive slots is the name of the game, in this game the jackpot grows with each bet until someone wins it, making them more exciting to play. Most progressive jackpots, on the other hand, are able to increase indefinitely and can theoretically grow in size until someone wins it. Some progressive jackpots automatically payout when they reach a predetermined number.

Only the enormous payouts distinguish progressive jackpot slots from all other types of slots. While some slot machines are specifically designed for progressive jackpots, others are simply modified copies of other online games, and are linked to a network for jackpots.


So… to answer this question, lets take a look at the model these slot machines utilize, which makes enormous wins possible, under the hood of these casino games.

The Contribution

A small percentage of each stake is diverted to a separate pot, from which the jackpot and or jackpots are topped up. While MegaJackpots take 2.3 % of your wager, Red Tiger’s Daily Jackpots feature takes about 3 % of your play to fund the jackpot pool.

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The Seed

Why doesn’t a jackpot start at 0 when someone wins one? Because there are no people who would play a slot machine with a payout of £0 or £10, progressive jackpots have to begin somewhere. The’seed’ amount, which is securted by the casino or game supplier, and this is how the progressive slots are started.

The Prize

The term “progressive jackpot” refers to a prize that keeps increasing in value until it is claimed. Many people focus on the million-dollar prizes but these types of slots can come in so many different forms and can start with some offering jackpots as low as $1,000.


There have been many changes to progressive jackpots over the years. Jackpots that used to be funded by a single casino are now funded by a global group of casinos. Bigger jackpots are won more frequently when more people participate and this increases the spoils for those who choose to play.

Many slots has a wide variety of progressive jackpots, including the following:

  • There are several games that have a “progressive jackpot” that is sponsored by players across multiple online casinos, such as Ozwin’s Jackpots.
  • With the introduction of network jackpots, players may now choose from over 50 different slots and still have a chance to win the same prize, regardless of which one they choose, this making the game much more appealing.
  • Jackpots that can be won in increments of a few hundred pounds every few minutes up to thousands of pounds every few weeks can now be found in numerous progressive slots all over the internet. There is a greater chance of winning some money, but there is still the possibility of winning the jackpot, which is excellent!!!

How does the gameplay work for games that have a progressive jackpot?

The workings of progressive jackpot games have previously been briefly discussed; but, at this point, let’s go a little more into the subject matter. The fundamental difference between a regular jackpot and a progressive jackpot is that there is no fixed sum of money that is granted to the winner of a progressive jackpot. This is the primary contrast between the two types of jackpots. As a result of this, you stand a good chance of coming away with a sizeable sum despite having to put up only a little financial commitment.

When playing a game that has a progressive jackpot, a portion of each bet that is placed goes toward the pot, which continues to grow in size until it is won by a player who has exceptionally good luck. When an event of this nature takes place, the jackpot is “reset” to its starting value, and the process starts all over again from the very beginning. The total, which is also known as the meter on occasion, has the potential to reach enormous sums due to the fact that it is possible for thousands of players from multiple slots located in various countries all over the world to contribute to it. This allows the total to be referred to as the meter on occasion.

Some examples of progressive jackpots that you can come upon are as follows:

Games such as Ozwin’s Jackpots offer its very own progressive payouts, but these prizes are still funded by players at a range of different online casinos. The term “jackpot” is commonly used to refer to these awards.

Jackpots on the network Game providers now attach a jackpot system that is accessible over the network to their most popular games. Because of this, players have the possibility to earn the same payment regardless of which of the more than 30 distinct slot machines they choose to play. Here, players can learn more about the network jackpots that are available.

Tiered jackpots: Many progressive slots now offer as many as 4 different progressives, ranging from “Mini pots” worth hundreds of pounds that are won every few minutes to “Mega prizes” worth hundreds of thousands of pounds that are won every few weeks. The “Mega prizes” are won less frequently than the “Micro pots,” but they are still worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. On the other hand, these “Mega rewards” are won significantly less frequently than the “Mini prizes.” The fact that you have a larger probability of winning something while yet keeping the prospect of the game’s greatest possible payout makes jackpot bonus games more exciting.

Timed jackpots: Red Tiger was the first online casino to deliver timed progressive jackpots with their Daily Jackpots. This innovation was made possible by their Daily Jackpots. These jackpots comprise progressive pots ranging from small to medium in size, and they are scheduled to pay out at predetermined times throughout the day. Red Tiger was the first online casino to offer a timed progressive jackpot.